An Historic Polk County School Building

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Lamar Building Restorations

Lamar Community Center, Inc, with the help of many supporters completed the restoration and renovation of this building in 2014, historic Lamar School, by incorporating sustainable building materials where possible. 

Lamar is grateful to all of the donors that contributed to the Lamar School building restoration efforts.

See the blueprints

All new upper exterior windows, getting installed.

A glimpse of what the new basement windows will look like.

Basement bathroom framing.

Concrete in the basement floor is poured.

Concrete into basement continues.

Concrete gets leveled.

Concrete flows into the basement.

The pour starts.

Placing new forms in the basement to create new concrete footings that will support the new metal beams in the basement in order to make the dance floor upstairs flat.

Forming basement footings near old chimney.

Soon to be actual windows facing the road.

Basement plumbing gets installed for bathrooms.

Structural beams in the basement go in.

Bracing up the ceiling/attic floor.

Getting ready to update the structural roofing system in the attic.

Lumber for new attic truss system getting loaded into the attic.

Minor interior de-construction to find the original windows.

De-constructing the old stage area and ceiling supports.

Windows are opened up.

New well pump and pitless unit gets installed to make fresh water flow indoors.

1488 200th Street, P.O. Box 344, Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024